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Hey There Stranger!
How's it going?
Although we know you have your options when we're looking for forums to check out, we appreciate the thought of Aetas going through your mind.
Now before you decide if you want to join Aetas lets get to know each other a bit.
Do you like average forums?
-Good. But you're at the wrong place. This is a social interaction forum that involves more than just your everyday forum topics. We're people, not 'experts' helping other people, not 'noobs' or what have you. Ever wanted to have people read your thoughts?
That's nice, but I know very little mind readers. So we've set up a few blog spots for our members that intertwine with each other, but can also be separate. And although the word "blog" is used, it doesn't have to be a journal type... And it's not mandatory. Have you ever Role Played?
-No? Awesome. We'd love to teach you what we know, and although it may not be a traditional RP based game, we allow full creativity that only limits itself to your imagination and of course the dices.

There's tons more added every other month and we're always looking for new Moderators, workers, Graphic designers to help Aetas become better. So if anything caught your eye Join us.

We'll help you help us help you.
Quick Message
Welcome to Aetas!

You know, we've been up a good 3734 days... man!
Since Thu Aug 27, 2009 9:23 pm to be EXACT!
A lot has happened since then. We've gained members, lost members and yeah, we have fallen comrades... but we look up keep walking forward and just rebuild the team.

Just ask cossr, the newest member quote, unquote "The new kid". I mean even cossr knows we have 34 peeps some of them lurking around, some of them actually posting and, we're not family but we're getting there. So even though there's only 34 people in here, that's 34 people I feel I could count on.

Here's a bit more info on us.
There's 34 Catergories to choose from, although you can't see them all, it's there. Some are under lock some are only available to certain groups. We're letting you know this mostly because we want to be honest with you. Also, we've had some problems in the past because of this.

So for all you haters and trolls out there that didn't think we'd make it. (Peace sign up, index finger down)
There's been a bit of trouble moving up this hill, all that backwater trash that was thrown at us made us furious, but in that heat of fury we rose, we kept on moving over obstacles that came before us. Don't get us wrong, we're not at the top yet, but we'll make it. 
And don't worry ,we're not angry anymore and Yes, we're still your heroes.

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Create your Raidcall account and then search for "5623652"
You'll automatically pop into our Silent room and from there switch to where-ever else you see people. We're sure you'll have a good time.
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